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Testing $HOME with Cucumber and Aruba

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Cucumber and Aruba make it awesome to write acceptance tests for your command line programs. But how do you test your program interacting with files from a user's $HOME directory?

Dealing With Technical Debt

Friday 4 April 2014

Technical debt is not a new phenomenon. I'm working on a Rails project where there's plenty of technical debt to get in the way. Here's how the team deals with it.

Pretty Difficult Privacy

Thursday 3 April 2014

I have been mildly interested in digital security and privacy for years. With the introduction of Keybase.io that interest got sparked again and I investigated the current state of GnuPG.

To Blog or Not To Blog

Thursday 3 April 2014

My last post was 154 days ago. That's about five months and no posts in the year 2014. I have been wondering why I haven't written any posts lately and this is what I discovered.

Deploying with git-deploy

Thursday 31 October 2013

I've blogged before about deploying Rails applications. Normally I opt for using capistrano, but it turns out git-deploy is a light-weight, but worthy alternative.

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2012-04-06 Eindhoven.rb Lightning Talk: Gitlab

2012-04-02 Showing Ruby, Rails and git info in your app

2012-03-21 From 11.34s to 0.625s for opening a .rb file in Vim

2012-03-21 Redis using 2GB of memory on 70MB data set - the fix

2012-03-20 Open Source is a privilege. Not a right.

2012-01-10 Removing untracked files and directories with git

2011-12-13 Recursively fixing file and directory permissions

2011-11-22 Upgrade postgresql-8.4 to postgresql-9.1 on debian

2011-11-18 Deploying a third-party Rails application - like Gitlab

2011-11-09 Contributing to Open-Source with Github

2011-11-08 Fixing a slow starting Terminal or iTerm2 on Mac OS X

2011-10-24 Installing Node.js and NPM on Ubuntu/Debian

2011-10-22 Automatically switch between SSL and non-SSL with Nginx+Unicorn+Rails

2011-10-14 Rails 3: Customized exception handling

2011-10-13 Fast specs - Run your specs in less than 1 second

2011-10-09 Testing Rails 3 scopes revisited

2011-09-25 Properly testing Rails 3 scopes

2011-09-24 RSpec speed-up (24.6%) by tweaking ruby garbage collection

2011-09-19 Capistrano and the custom maintenance page

2011-09-14 Lighting fast, zero-downtime deployments with git, capistrano, nginx and Unicorn

2011-09-13 Git: checkout a single file from another commit or branch

2011-09-08 Git: remove, reset and rollback commits

2011-08-24 Git Log: What did I do yesterday, exactly?

2011-07-05 Git: Squash your latests commits into one

2011-06-27 Your Mac slow? Disable Spotlight in Snow Leopard

2011-06-24 Git: What files were changed since the last release?

2011-06-23 Crowd sourcing your BitCoin mining

2011-06-10 Vows and CoffeeScript

2011-04-04 Rake with namespaces and default tasks

2011-03-27 Rails 3 + Devise + Uploadify = No Flash Session Hacks

2011-02-11 Narf: A Ruby Micro Test Framework

2011-02-07 Using your Firefly URL Shortener with Twitter for iPhone

2011-02-01 Hot: Firefly 1.3.0 URL Shortener released

2011-01-01 Rake task to sync your assets to Amazon S3/Cloudfront

2010-12-31 Now powered by Heroku

2010-12-24 Public Readable Amazon S3 Bucket Policy

2010-12-15 Why did error_messages_for disappear from Rails 3?

2010-11-25 Hide "Last login:" on bash login

2010-10-26 Clear your MySQL password

2010-10-12 SenTestCase: XCBuildLogCommandInvocationSection error in XCode 3.2

2010-10-12 Setup a PPTP VPN connection on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

2010-10-11 Setup a Ubuntu VPN server

2010-10-02 Firefly 1.1.0 adds QR Codes for your shortened URLs

2010-09-28 Precompile SASS to CSS for deployment to Heroku

2010-09-11 Mass convert WMA to MP3 using ffmpeg and ruby

2010-08-23 Resque: how to requeue failed jobs

2010-08-09 Using multiple clipboards in Vim

2010-08-09 Rename a git branch

2010-07-29 How to enable SSH Forwarding on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

2010-07-12 Screencast: Firefly URL shortener in less than 2.5 minutes

2010-06-10 Cherry-Picking specific commits from another branch

2010-06-07 Uploading files with Curl

2010-06-06 Setup your own Firefly URL shortener in 2.5 minutes

2010-06-06 Firefly 0.4.3 and Firefly Client 0.4.0 released

2010-05-30 Upgrading to Mongoid Beta 6

2010-05-17 Bundler + Passenger with Rails 2.3.5? Yes, please!

2010-04-30 Firefly 0.4.1 released

2010-04-25 Ruby version and gemset in your Bash prompt? Yes sir!

2010-04-14 A new day, a new Firefly

2010-04-13 Get ready for Firefly 0.3!

2010-04-05 Detect browser Web Sockets support

2010-03-29 Announcing Firefly, a ruby URL shortener

2010-03-28 Really? Another Sinatra URL Shortener in Ruby?

2010-03-25 Installing the Nokogiri ruby gem on Debian

2010-03-24 How a little varnish changed my life

2010-03-24 Ariejan.net now in valid HTML5

2010-03-22 Shields up! Rrrack alert!

2010-02-02 How to order your Kindle from the Netherlands

2010-01-19 Sign the petition: Stop EU Software Patents

2010-01-17 The epic e-reading experience: Amazone Kindle

2009-11-24 Epic TextMate Theme

2009-10-26 How to create and apply a patch with Git

2009-10-25 They are just tools, people!

2009-10-15 Git problem: error: unable to create temporary sha1 filename

2009-10-13 Valerii: 32-base string encoder and decoder

2009-10-13 Epic vs. Awesome

2009-09-08 Codaset.com: Github, but better

2009-09-05 Git Tag Mini Cheat Sheet Revisited

2009-09-04 Git Tag Mini Cheat Sheet

2009-09-03 Rails + MySQL: Case-Sensitive strings in your database

2009-09-01 JInput Mac OS X 64 bit natives

2009-08-20 Once and for all: Rails migrations integer :limit option

2009-06-14 Speaking at Rails Underground

2009-06-14 IMDB Ruby Gem 0.4.0 Now available at RubyForge!

2009-06-08 Best Practice - The Git Development Cycle

2009-06-07 IMDB 0.3.0 now including console utility - query IMDB from your console

2009-06-07 has_one - find all that have no associated object

2009-06-07 ActiveRecord: Skipping callbacks like after_save or after_update

2009-06-05 Install Hpricot on Ubuntu

2009-06-03 Ruby Gem: IMDB

2009-05-22 Speak louder! I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am!

2009-05-06 Second RubyFest Speaker: Geoffrey Grosenbach

2009-04-28 Available for iPhone Development

2009-04-23 Compacting a SQLite3 DB file

2009-04-19 How to create a DSA OpenSSL certificate

2009-04-05 MacBook Pro: Black Screen of Death (or is it just faking?)

2009-03-31 May 14th: RubyFest!

2009-02-07 warcraft-armory 0.1.0 Released

2009-01-30 Pagerank 3, 19k Hits/Month

2009-01-04 How To Start A Rails Edge App The Easy Way

2008-12-27 Twitterlicious!

2008-12-03 Google FriendConnect now on Ariejan.net

2008-11-27 Export CSV directly from MySQL

2008-11-14 SQL: Ordering with NULL values

2008-11-05 RSpec'ing with Time.now

2008-09-28 BaseApp: a quick start for your Rails App

2008-09-03 Panel Discussion with DHH and Rails Core Members

2008-09-03 JRuby with Thomas Enebo

2008-09-02 RailsConfEurope: The first tutorial

2008-09-02 JRuby with Nick Sieger

2008-09-01 Leaving for RailsConf Europe 2008

2008-08-17 Skinny Controllers and Overweight Models

2008-08-17 ActiveRecord Read Only Model

2008-08-14 Useless Ruby Gems for your pleasure

2008-08-12 Ruby on Rails: UUID as your ActiveRecord primary key

2008-07-21 Ariejan.net Link Party 07/21/2008

2008-07-17 Ariejan.net Link Party 07/17/2008

2008-07-11 Photography Heaven

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2008-07-09 How to digg-proof your WordPress blog

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2008-05-04 How to: Compile packages on Debian/Ubuntu by hand

2008-04-23 GIT: Using the stash

2008-04-15 Permanently redirect WordPress pages

2008-04-10 Debian Etch: RMagick LoadError

2008-04-09 Rails Snippet: Caching expensive calls

2008-04-09 Here we go again: WordPress 2.5

2008-04-09 Enabling Trac Email notifications

2008-02-07 Ruby on Rails plugin: Throttler

2008-01-25 The Presidents of the United States of America Live

2008-01-22 Your help is needed! - Railsjobs.nl

2008-01-19 Roles: Admins pretending to be users!

2008-01-15 Attack of the Killer Bunnies

2008-01-13 Kabisa Blog

2008-01-03 Review: Parking London

2007-12-31 Write a DVD-Video from the Linux console

2007-12-20 For You: Merry Christmas and a Happy 2008!!!

2007-12-12 Run Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6 and 7 natively on Mac OS X Leopard or Tiger

2007-12-12 How to install MySQL on Ubuntu/Debian

2007-12-07 Wil jij mijn collega zijn? - Kabisa is hiring!

2007-12-06 Rails: calculated column caching

2007-11-30 MySQL: (Re)set the auto-increment value of a table

2007-11-27 RailsJobs.nl - Ruby on Rails Jobs in The Netherlands

2007-11-15 Bash it! - Number of messages in Postfix queue

2007-10-17 Party time!

2007-10-08 Google increases storage!

2007-09-26 Flash not clearing after a request?

2007-09-25 Wordpress 2.3 released!

2007-09-25 The Glorious Canon EOS 400D Digital

2007-09-24 Rails 2.0 New Features

2007-09-24 Whooop - here it is! The new Ariejan.net!

2007-09-17 RailsConf Europe 2007!

2007-09-11 10 reasons why Microsoft's 10 reasons not to use Google Apps suck

2007-09-01 Content_for, yield and making sure something gets displayed

2007-08-31 Blueprint 0.5 Rails Plugin released

2007-08-27 BlueprintCSS Rails Generator

2007-08-24 Super Simple Authentication Plugin and Generator

2007-08-21 Using Iconv to convert UTF-8 to ASCII (on Linux)

2007-08-20 Kabisa, RailsConf Europe and Ariejan.net

2007-08-20 I’m back in business!

2007-08-01 I’m Back!

2007-07-16 Ariejan.net - What’s next?

2007-07-07 Clear DNS Cache on your router

2007-07-06 How to write a Rails Plugin (for controllers)

2007-07-06 Some DNS problems with Ariejan.net

2007-07-04 How to resolve Subversion Conflicts

2007-07-03 Got updates?

2007-07-03 How to create and apply a patch with Subversion

2007-07-02 How to force data to be downloaded as a file from your Rails app

2007-07-01 ActiveScaffold + acts_as_taggable + Auto Complete

2007-06-21 AJAX Rules! 80 JavaScript Solutions for professional coding

2007-06-20 Action Mailer: All mail comes from MAILER DAEMON

2007-06-20 Rails production server setup and deployment on Ubuntu/Debian

2007-06-19 Geslaagd! / Passed my final exams!

2007-06-14 Buy it now! Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

2007-06-12 BASH your SVN and Trac installation!

2007-06-11 ActiveScaffold, Acts_as_taggable_on_steroids

2007-06-10 Ultimate List of Ruby Resources

2007-06-10 Send mail with a BASH Shell Script

2007-06-10 Find and Replace with a MySQL Query

2007-06-07 Coming up: Ubuntu Development Server Guide

2007-05-30 Trac, WebAdmin plugin and global configuration

2007-05-29 Slow connections with ProFTPD

2007-05-29 Installing RMagick Ruby Gem on Mac OS X 10.4.9

2007-05-28 BAT - TER - Y

2007-05-21 MERGE request failed on ‘/path/to/file’

2007-05-18 FeedBurner acquired by Google!

2007-05-09 Rails Snippet: Write like Orwell with to_sentence

2007-04-29 Ariejan.net server move

2007-04-12 Rails, Resources and Permalinks

2007-04-03 TipSnippet: Create a RSS feed

2007-04-02 What do you want for AutoFlickr?

2007-03-29 5 Reasons why PC OEMs should offer Linux

2007-03-27 Rails Tip Snippet: Create a comma-seperate list

2007-03-27 Subversion: How to revert to a previous revision

2007-03-25 Speedlinking: Top 28 startup resources

2007-03-23 Be productive! 37 things you can do on the toilet

2007-03-22 Rails Tip Snippet: Logging informational messages to your log

2007-03-21 26 Things you can do with an old PC

2007-03-20 How I made 6 figures with Google Adsense in 10 days

2007-03-20 8 Great ways to use Google for your start-up

2007-03-07 Wordpress Plugin: AutoFlickr 1.0

2007-03-06 Subversion Cheat Sheet Update: 1.0.1

2007-02-26 4 Unusual uses for Subversion

2007-02-23 Subversion Cheat Sheet 1.0!

2007-02-21 RoR: link_to_remote with a text_field value as an argument

2007-02-17 Goals in the Park

2007-02-09 My photo’s on Flickr

2007-01-29 Hobo - And you thought Rails made life easy!

2007-01-28 Ruby: Sort an array of objects by an attribute

2007-01-23 New in Rails: Resource Scaffold Generator

2007-01-23 Rails: Nested resource scaffold

2007-01-23 Updates: Wordpress 2.1, Themes and Social

2007-01-19 Why Ruby Rocks - Convince your fellow developers

2007-01-19 “Print this page” with Ruby on Rails

2007-01-12 Rails: Group results by week (using group_by)

2006-12-22 Textmate+Rails: Easy partials for better code

2006-12-20 SVN: How often should you commit?

2006-12-20 SVN: Merge a branch with your trunk

2006-12-13 Show the current SVN revision in your Rails app

2006-12-11 Announcing “Subversion Kick-Start”

2006-12-06 Install ruby-mysql on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

2006-12-03 Installing Rails on Ubuntu Dapper / Edgy

2006-12-02 How to setup a Ubuntu development server - Part 2

2006-12-01 How to setup a Ubuntu development server - Part 1

2006-11-30 Rails: Security Check-up

2006-11-25 The Three Corner Stones of Developerhood

2006-11-24 SVN: How to structure your repository

2006-11-22 Google Project Hosting: SourceForge Competitor

2006-11-22 SVN: How to fix bugs properly

2006-11-22 Plugins used on Ariejan.net

2006-11-22 WordPress: Author comment highlighting

2006-11-21 SVN: How to release software properly

2006-11-21 CSE-Tool 1.1.0 Released

2006-11-17 Announcing CSE-Tool: Deploy you Google CSE with ease

2006-11-15 Ubuntu 6.10 Live DVD on the Apple MacBook

2006-11-13 CUPS: 426 - Upgrade Required

2006-10-31 WordpressMu: Don’t allow new blogs

2006-10-30 Cheat sheets? Look here!

2006-10-30 Confused about CSS Columns?

2006-10-30 How does your site look on …?

2006-10-30 Adsense Resource Inventory

2006-10-29 Do your ads pay your (blogging) bills?

2006-10-23 Ruby On Rails for PHP: CakePHP

2006-10-17 Happy birthday to me!

2006-10-13 Torrents for your iPod!

2006-10-13 Tagging in ajax_scaffold

2006-10-13 Migrate SQLite3 to MySQL easily

2006-10-13 Having fun with SPAM!

2006-10-13 Google Ads: Can’t click ‘em, but you want to know more!

2006-10-10 Top 5 DVDs you must have

2006-10-10 Hi-Res Wallpapers for your MacBook!

2006-10-10 Generate a SQlite-based Rails app

2006-10-10 Easily create a FavIcon online!

2006-10-09 Welcome to Ariejan.net