ariejan de vroom

A makefile for Golang CLI tools

• tagged golang • 720 words • ~4 minutes

Golang is very useful for creating command line interfaces. It does get complicated when you also want to set variables at compile time. I've made a Makefile for that.

Why I dropped fish in favour of Zsh

• tagged fish and zsh • 363 words • ~2 minutes

Developers are religious about two things: their editor and their shell. Many will say fish is the best there is, but after a few months of fish, I'm back to Zsh.

Rails: Prevent Accidental Debugging Commits

• tagged git and rails • 494 words • ~3 minutes

Figuring out complex app behaviour in development often requires you to pull some tricks. It would be very awkward if those changes found their way into production unintentionally.

GPG Sign Your Git Commits

• tagged git, gnupg, gpg and security • 531 words • ~3 minutes

The relevance and need for trust in the realm of email, using GPG, has been talked about a lot latetly. But how about trust when itcomes to the code your write? Would it be possible to sign your commitswith GPG to generate trust?

Testing $HOME with Cucumber and Aruba

• tagged aruba, cucumber and programming • 221 words • ~2 minutes

Cucumber and Aruba make it awesome to write acceptance tests for your command line programs. But how do you test your program interacting withfiles from a user's $HOME directory?